September 10, 2013 is National Protect Your Groundwater Day

The goal of this day sponsored by the National Groundwater Association (NGWA)  plus many federal, state and local water agencies is to bring awareness to the importance of protecting our groundwater resources.  The national site where you can view suggestions that we each can practice to protect these resources is at:

As  many street drains are now labeled “No dumping–drains to the ocean”, anything that is dumped on the ground surface can percolate downward to the groundwater supply.  In many areas of the country the soil layer is directly in contact with the surface of the water table below.  So, hazardous chemicals, toxic wastes and even excessive fertilizers can rapidly reach the potable groundwater supply beneath the land surface.  Because groundwater moves so slow it can take much longer to clean up what is accidentally dumped into the groundwater supply than to clean up surface supplies.


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